A few issues (clutch, choke)

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A few issues (clutch, choke)

Post by cooperman » Fri Apr 12, 2019 8:40 am

I'm new to the CB400 scene but have picked up a lovely NC31 Super Four which I do plan on spending the next year getting together.

Before I collected it, I got new c&s, tyres and an oil and air filter change. This just seems standard for me before I get a bike but after driving it today about 40km I have noticed a few annoyances.

Clutch lever is super loose. I know that for most mechanisms, within the lever there is a rubber/plastic bushing. This seems to have perished. Any ideas where I can buy a 'service' kit for the lever or if I buy new levers will it have everything I need?

Grips are loose. I can perhaps 'stick' them but I'd rather replace. Any suggestions on good aftermarket grips?

My speedo is not working. I have checked the connections and they are fine so it's either in the clocks or in the cable. I'll spend some time looking at the weekend but I also see a lot of people with lovely new chrome backed clocks on the forum. Are these aftermarket? Where do you get them?

Final annoyance is the choke is sticking. I am going to disassemble and take a look but I've had classic cars for years so very used to the annoyances of trying to get a smooth choke with the perfect idle!!

Loving the bike, loving this forum just hoping people can poiint me in the right direction for a few things

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Re: A few issues (clutch, choke)

Post by bludclot » Tue Apr 16, 2019 7:19 am

There are two places that I suggest you make friends with - Ebay and www.davidsilverspares.co.uk. John Oldfield in Southampton can also help. There's parts manuals on line too, although they are translations they are still invaluable. Bear in mind that many parts have gone 'no longer available' NLA and this won't improve any time soon.

Chinese after market levers are quite reasonable and may solve your loose lever problem, if only while you dismantle yours to investigate. The choke cable, along with both sets of handlebar switches, requires regular opening and GT85 applications to keep working correctly if the bike ventures out in the wet.

I have had two sets of after market grips on my wet weather bike and neither are anywhere near as good as Honda originals. They are still available and not expensive, which is handy. Bear in mind they are 125mm long, many Honda grips are 120mm if you buy from another model.

Original clocks and clock covers are seriously expensive. Chinese copies are of variable quality (at best) and some have the speedo cable intake at a steeper angle than originals which doesn't allow a speedo healer to clear the headlight if that's a consideration for you. I would suggest scouring ebay for a decent original clock set. If this looks shabby then chinese covers make it look pretty but it may take more than one purchase to find a cover that fits well and has a decent finish that doesn't wash away at the first sign of moisture....

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