Model Identifier - What Bike Have You Got?

Not exhaustive, as information is hard to come by, but here are a few tables that should enable you to identify the exact model of machine you own. This is done by the chassis number. In addition, engines are sometimes changed and the charts also allow you to check if the original engine is fitted, at least by year of manufacture!

Honda - VFR400 & RVF400R (NC30, NC35)

Model Year Code Initial Engine # Initial Frame # Carb ID
NC30 - Grey Import 1989 K NC13E-1200001 NC30-1000001 VDE3A A
NC30 - Grey Import 1990-1991 L NC13E-1300001 NC30-1050001 VDE3D A
NC30 - Grey Import 1992-ON N NC13E-1400001 NC30-1100001 CDE3D B
NC35 - Grey Import 1994-1995 R NC13E-1500001 NC35-1000001 VP90A A
NC35 - Grey Import 1996-ON T NC13E-1600001 NC35-1100001 VP90A A
NC30 - UK Spec 1990-1991 L NC13E-2100007 NC30-2000006 VDE3B A
NC30 - UK Spec 1991-1993 M NC13E-2200001 NC30-2100001 VDE3F A

Honda - VFR400Z & VFR400R (NC21, NC24)

Model Year Code Initial Engine # Initial Frame # Carb ID
VFR400Z(NC21) 1986 ZG NC13E-1030098 TO 1045640 NC21-1000077 TO 1015556 VDA0A A
VFR400Z(NC21) 1987 ZH NC13E-1050034 TO 1076150 NC21-1020013 TO 1021407 VDE2A A
VFR400Z(NC21) 1986 RG NC13E-1030017 TO 1045836 NC21-1000011 TO 105756 VDA0A A
VFR400Z(NC21) 1986 RG-YA NC13E-1030065 TO 1042932 NC21-1000074 TO 1012861 VDA0A A
VFR400Z(NC24) 1987 RH NC13E-1050019 TO 1075630 NC24-1000010 TO 1017050 VDE2C A
VFR400Z(NC24) 1987 RH-II NC13E-1059737 TO 1069166 NC24-1009051 TO 1016630 VDE2C A
VFR400Z(NC24) 1988 RJ-III NC13E-1070023 TO 1082667 NC24-1020011 TO 1032667 VDE2C E

Honda - CBR400RR (NC23, NC29)

Model Year Code Initial Engine # Initial Frame # Carb ID
CBR400RR 1988 J NC23-1020001 TO 1036454 BC23E-1020001 TO 1036510 VG04A
CBR400RR 1989 K NC23-1090001 TO 1098116 NC23E-1090001 TO 1098123 VG04B
CBR400RR 1990-1991 L NC29-1000001 TO 1010598 NC23E-1300001 TO 1310636 VP01A
CBR400RR 1992-1993 N NC29-1050001> NC23E-1420001> VP01A
CBR400RR 1994 > R NC29-1100001> NC23E-1500001> VP01B


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