NC23 Budget Trackbike

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Re: NC23 Budget Trackbike

Post by » Mon Feb 10, 2020 9:57 am

It's an interesting question one I've asked myself a lot over the years,

My first race bike (an NC23) I purchased off a mate converted it into a race bike, then a few years later I moved on to an NC29 took the trick bits off the 23 broke the rest for spares and had the frame and swing arm hanging in my workshop for 10 + years

Then the same friend comes to me and says he wants to buy the NC23 road bike I had at the time and the frame swingarm and V5 for his old bike do a frame change and have his old bike back,

I understand wanting to replicate an old bike (especially one with sentimental value) but I have to ask myself is it really the same bike.......

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