RVF400 Parts

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RVF400 Parts

Post by ZippiT » Sat Aug 03, 2019 8:38 am

Selling RVF400 Parts:

(8) Pistons
(8) Rods
(2) Cranks
(1) Clutch
(2) Gearbox
(1) Oil pump
(1) Water pump (might not sell)
(1 set) Heads (may not sell)
(1 set) Camshafts
(2) Stator
(1) Flywheel
(1) Sump cover
(1 set) Radiator hoses
(2 sets) Radiators

(1) Frame (written off)
(1) Swingarm

Will have more RVF parts coming up in the next few months, stay tuned.

Located Newcastle NSW, Australia.

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