NC23 Custom Seat Set For Sale

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NC23 Custom Seat Set For Sale

Post by mbooth1 » Sat May 11, 2019 9:06 pm

I'm tall (6ft+) and old (70), so I definitely needed a raised seat (and lowered footpegs) to fit my now sold NC23.
As new owner just wanted the standard seat set, my custom seat set is for sale here. Rider's seat was professsionally recovered/made for me, and is raised about 100mm from standard height. It is a very tight fit -- I got it to fit by lightly greasing rear underpanel and placing thin greased plastic sheet (from ice cream tub) under the rear section of seat and then sitting on it, and then pulling tight two cable ties threaded thro the seat base around the subframe before removing the greased plastic sheet. The front retaining bolt then just caught the top thread of frame mounting.
A better retention would be with an appropriately bent 8mm length of threaded rod, threadlocked with releasable threadlock into frame so that it's bent upper extended vertically and seat could then be dropped over it and secured with nut and washer with a long socket. BUT bike has gone, so new owner will need to figure alternative fixing out.
A bit of a specialist sale this, so no chance to recoup it's cost but if you can make use of it well worth asking price of £25, plus £10 P&P the set.
The pillion seat has been recovered by me to match the rider's seat (though the strap is purely visual to cover join between black and blue vinyl parts of cover) -- who would carry a pillion on one of these little rockets anyway?
Any questions contact me at
Pics at: ... sp=sharing

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