Derestricting a 3en1

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Derestricting a 3en1

Post by Grandadbelly » Tue Jan 08, 2019 6:37 am

Hi all just an update on my fzr400/600 I joined this forum to get advice on derestricting my machine as I have fitted a 3hg engine 600 cc I’ve also fitted a fz1front end with r6 springs so there goes my speedo so not to be put of I drilled and fitted a r6 speedo and tachometer unit it all works fine with a speedo healer in line wth the digital sender But it ran out of revs in top gear the answer was to buy a 1wg tci ignition unit for I got one from China for $37australian it work like beauty I had to look at a wiring diagram to work out which wires needed connecting to the new tci unit but after about 5minutes I had it running with no seed restriction s very happy with the Chinese unit so far regards all grandadbelly

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Re: Derestricting a 3en1

Post by Evilchicken0 » Tue Jan 08, 2019 5:45 pm

Assuming you're using a 3en1 CDI to run a 3he engine the red line is … um well …. less than 12,500rpm so it's unlikely you'd hit it.

If you remove the speedo on a restricted bike the CDI will cut the revs at 12,500rpm in every gear because it doesn't receiver a reset signal from the speedo at 0 kmh when the ignition is turned on.

You could have just fitted the 600 3HE cdi, which will give you the correct red line for the engine and isn't restricted :o ;)

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