Commercial Selling / Sellers - Please read

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Commercial Selling / Sellers - Please read

Post by CRM » Sun Mar 22, 2009 8:08 pm

Being a small special interest forum and site, we welcome the fact that there are special people and companies out there keeping the 400 scene alive and supporting this niche specialist market offering us lots of choice from the OE route of parts.

However please abide by the following basic good manners.

Commercial sellers - please do not try and sell your goods directly especially links to ebay. posts will be removed - then so will your account.

While we welcome all support and development and discounts for members for 400's we also appreciate you dont do it for a loss either. We have no problem with people making a few quid off the back of 400gb members and thier willingness to part with thier cash to spend on thier bikes (after all we are all on the same side and bikers) however we would welcome some of the larger players to perhaps donate from time to time, take out banner advertising or come to some other agreement. Nothing fixed, but a bit of fair play and even an offer goes along way.
We all know some go out of thier way not only for the site, but also with the endless questions that they reply to tirelessly day in and day out and never lose thier temper or tire from taking time to speak to people and for this we all thankyou. Without these individuals 400greybike wouldnt be the pool of knowledge it has become.

400greybike also welcomes feedback good or bad from products and or services from companies or members. If you sell a load of parts to members and they all moan about the quality then take heed. dont cry foul about the bad press after you enjoyed the free ride.

If you have a part or a product you would like to be reviewed then get in touch. It doesnt have to be one of the mods or admin team, but maybe we can liase with a long term member / site supporter who can be trusted to write a pretty honest and independant review. . .

If you have any questions about advertising or commercial selling free free to ping us a mail or PM with any questions to discuss.
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