Why the no reply on bikes for sale ?

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Why the no reply on bikes for sale ?

Post by CRM » Sun Mar 22, 2009 7:29 pm

Well that depends on the way you look at it really. However it is true, post in the bikes for sale section and replies are disabled. however site supporters can reply as normal.
This was done mainly to discourage people bumping thier own posts every few hours keeping it at the top of the tree, couple this with everyone else doing it and it becomes a joke and quite frankly unfair.
We believe if you post an advert with all the details inc price and phone number (you wouldnt believe how many dont) then if anyones interested they will be intouch, and avoids some muppet asking "do you wanna sell the exhaust on its own" type of questions.
Parts for sale posted in the bikes only section will be simply deleted. its a pain in the arse quite frankly to move them, and not being funny but if you cant be bothered to take a little effort to post in the correct section then please dont expect us to pick up the pieces.

Blatent bumped posts by non site supporters will also have the bump removed a couple of times before the whole post then account. if no one is biting at your bargain, then it ain't a bargain, or no one wants it, bumping it to the top not only pisses other sellers off, it is frankly annoying. if everyone did it, then you can imagine the posts and rubbish you have to wade through daily.

Thank you
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