Grey import Honda CB400sf info please [Philippines]

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Grey import Honda CB400sf info please [Philippines]

Post by Philippines » Sat Jan 13, 2018 7:39 am

My situation
im living in the philippines and i want to buy a 2017.18
Honda cb400sf, Honda do not import this bike direct
But a few Bike dealers do have them , One in manila
but i am in Mindanao and honda here tell me they do not have the service information to service the bike,they want to sell me the 500 or 650 which i dont like the look of , i do like the Z900rs
Dealing with Honda here is like getting blood from a stone, this year 2018 they are going to bring 5 new bikes to the philippines one is the Cb1000sf
so surely they will update their service departments ,

My question is if i buy the bike and ship it to Mindanao will it be a big problem ,
is their a great need for the Honda workshop to service this bike ,,
is it a computer program or download they are saying they dont have ???

Sorry for the stupid question but its driving me nuts at the moment
Regards and ride safe Mike

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Re: Grey import Honda CB400sf info please [Philippines]

Post by JZH » Tue Jan 16, 2018 9:24 pm

The CB400SF has been in production for many years. The "Spec 1" version (the first with HyperVTEC) was way back in 1999? I don't know what "Spec" they're on now (last I recall was Spec 3), but if the bike has been sold officially in Phil at all since 2000, that should still be pretty close in specification to the current model. If you're handy with bike mechanics, and can get a workshop manual for any of the recent models, you should be fine.

No surprise they'd rather you bought a new bike, is it?!?


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