GSXR Track bike

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Re: GSXR Track bike

Post by Kiwigsxr89 » Fri May 08, 2020 1:27 am

Thanks for you reply. I’m starting to gather more information as I go along. I have someone looking at the crank, a lot of money has been spent on lightening the gk76a crank so I’m hopefull it will be salvageable. I’m not planning to campaign it in nationals or anything like that. do you have any experience with the camshafts? I have measured the cam timing with the existing cams but I don’t know if they are standard or not. Everyone measures cams at different points on the dial gauge. It’s running a cam centreline of 104.5 so quite tight. (101 on inlet and 108 on exhaust) did you ever have any issues with valve stretch? An old biker chap here said they used to fit fzr valves as they were a little larger in the stem. The head has been worked in the inlet ports but the exhaust ports look fairly standard. The pipe seems to be modeled off a Yoshimura 4 into 1. The air box isn’t large but seals around the inlet stacks, it’s running a fuel pump as well which I’m not sure is standard or not. It’s got a nice big intake over the top of the radiator.

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Re: GSXR Track bike

Post by moforockband » Fri May 08, 2020 3:48 pm

If you can, Get the crank re-welded and ground, and then checked for straightness. Under grinding doesn't work.
Fuel pump is non std, but prob essential with flat slides, mine runs lean on long flat out runs, due to tap location and flow.
If you measure your cam lobe height, I can tell you what they are.
I am selling a spare set of Kent cams, with upgraded springs, I'll pm you.
The valve stems are 4.5mm, so quite meaty. But I've only had one fail in 20 odd years.

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