Newbie from Madrid

New members may care to make their first post here to introduce themselves. show us your bike, where you live etc etc. its also polite to get the drinks in too.
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Newbie from Madrid

Post by Capelo » Wed Oct 02, 2019 10:03 pm

Howdy all,

My name is Jose and am from Madrid. I lived in the UK for the past 11 years, but just moved back home a couple of months ago.

I’ve been in love with JDM bikes for quite a while and have owned a Honda VTR 250 (1999) and currently own a Honda NSR50 H from 1988 (3/4 size) and just got a Honda CBR400RR type 3 from 1991.

Given I haven’t seen that many red/black/grey CBRs around I’ll be surprised if one or more of her previous owners are not on here (she has a Moriwaki can and a CBR 600 yellow shock). If so, please drop me a line. I’d love to hear all about her, good and bad.

Hope to learn quite a bit while on here and maybe even meet some of you if you ever happen to be in Madrid.



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